Introduction to Flipping and Blending Your Classroom K-12.  Workshop presented at American School Foundation's annual professional development conference, "Live Curious, Go Beyond 2018" where teachers from all over Latin America attend.

Device-Independent BYOD Tools Staff Development.  Workshop presented at Education Services Overseas Limited's Cairo, Egypt, "Bi-Annual Professional Development Conference" in October, 2015 (File compression may result in lower image quality.)

Introduction to SAMR Model of Technology Integration.  Inservice delivered to KG-5 Staff at a pre-service PD session in August 2015.   (File compression may have reduced image quality.)

Getting Started With Your iPad Rollout  This was one segment of several resources and trainings provided to K-5 staff prior to their first year of 1:1 iPad integration.

Introduction to Digital Storytelling.  One of the many training documents made for Colorado Springs School District Eleven in the US.

Intro to Oracle Education Foundation. Slideshow outline of one of the of the many teacher training events facilitated "Oracle Education Foundation" workshops in Denver, South Dakota, Florida, Egypt, New Mexico, and more.  Many of the trainings were about Project Based Learning, and 21st Century Skills. (Those Oracle web products were since phased out.)