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Web Site Evaluation Projects

Are You Too Gullible? by Jasell M., Andrew B., and Brittany G.

Ten Website Questions by Monique G. & Nancy H.

Questions to Ask About Web Site Evaluation by Matt S. and Michael M.

You Don't Have to Wonder by Melissa N. & Katie N.

 Fact or Fiction? by Mark C. and Jacob S.

10 Web Site Questions by Skyler G. and Paul M.

Surf Smart! by Starla and Janae

The 5 W's by Amanda, Danielle, and Matt

Is It Bogus? by Zach B. and Stephanie K.

Let's Ask Ourselves Some Q's by Michael S.

Stuff Kids Should Know by Ryan R, Gaige B, and Trevor W.

Kids' Web Evaluation by Thomas V., Calvin L. and Tommy K.

"This I Believe" PowerPoint Shows with sound files made in Audacity*

Some of the shows have technical issues that arose upon publishing; the original show had appropriate audio. We are working on this problem.

Crises Reveal Your Character

Ten Website Questions by Monique G. & Nancy H.

Things Turn Out Best For Those Who Make The Best of How Things Turn Out

Questions to Ask About Web Site Evaluation by Matt S. and Michael M.

I Believe in Courage

You Don't Have to Wonder by Melissa N. & Katie N.

Sticks and Stones

 Fact or Fiction? by Mark C. and Jacob S.

Persistence Wins

10 Web Site Questions by Skyler G. and Paul M.

Adoption vs. Abortion

Surf Smart! by Starla and Janae

Killing is Always Wrong

PowerPoints That Teach You Something

Amazing Fractions

Why Were Southerners So Dedicated to the System of Slavery?

World War II: Europe in Hell

Events Leading to the Civil War

Eating Healthy by Molly and Chandler

Differences Between Aztec, Maya and Inca by John and Marco

Food Is Fuel by Sarah and Yarima

Writing Introductions by Taylor and Jordan

The Digestive System by Josh and Dylan

Why Study Mexico? by Tessa and Ashley

Decimals, Fractions, and Percents by Austin and Conor

Writing Better Introductions by Jonah

Project Topic Ideas

  • Something You've Learned in Core Classes
  • Choose Your Own & Ask for Approval
  • Matter
  • Reconstruction
  • Plankton & Krill
  • The Civil War
  • Famous Authors
  • Famous Abolitionists
  • Famous Scientists
  • The Fight for Women's Vote
  • Empires & Civilizations
  • Gold Rush
  • Countries
  • Aztecs or Incas
  • Mathematicians
  • Astronomy
  • Biography of a Poet
  • History of Cloning & Stem Cell Research
  • Biography of an Artist
  • Renaissance Art
  • Great Leaders
  • The Impressionist Movement
  • Great Wars
  • Space Exploration
  • Religions or Philosophies
  • Age of Exploration
  • Genres of Writing
  • History of Computers
  • History of ____________(Pick a Subject)
  • Recent Advances in Computers/ Technology/ Internet and other Innovations
  • Study of Genealogy
  • Biography of Bill Gates, Steven Jobs, etc.
  • Oceans
  • Predicting Volcanic Eruptions
  • The Great Cats
  • Great Floods of the Past
  • Freshwater Fish
  • The Berlin Wall
  • Coral Reefs, Inhabitants of, ecosystem of, etc.
  • Monuments in Washington, DC
  • Rain Forests, Rainforest Animals, Rainforest Cures, etc.
  • National Parks of the US
  • Birds of Prey
  • The Great Sand Dunes
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Colorado History
  • The Atomic Bomb
  • Colorado Springs History
  • Seven Wonders of the World
  • Famous Educators
  • Feudalism
  • The Renaissance
  • The Crusades
  • The Dark Ages
  • A Country
  • A Language
  • Symphonies
  • An Art Form
  • Composers
  • Famous Architects
  • Hieroglyphs
  • Underground Railroad
  • Ancient Civilizations
  • History of Mann Middle School
  • Japanese Culture
  • Nomads of Mongolia

Various Projects From Previous Semesters



How Computers Work by Allie, Grace, Josh, Etienne, Kayla, Brittany

All About Computers by Evan, Tyler, Grant, Kevin, Thomas, Danny

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