Teachers Are Off All Summer?

This will be a short post since right now I'm preparing to present at a 21st Century Learning conference tomorrow, and also starting tomorrow: taking the intense but highly recommended Colorado Writing Project for two weeks, since May 3 I've been teaching an online course about ThinkQuest that lasts until June 21, and finally, I'm prepping to lead a face-to-face ThinkQuest seminar in New Mexico on June 17. 

Being busy is fun, although I hope to get some rest sometime this summer! 

Here's my big news:  I will be spending a lot of this summer getting ready for my new teaching position in Language Arts at Jenkins Middle School!  I loved my last job (teaching technology to kids all day) yet it was time for a change.  It will be very different thing to be back in a content area classroom instead of being in an elective computer lab, but I did it for several years before and I know I can do it again.  No matter how jazzed I am about this new job,  I'll never forget the wonderful people who came in and out of my life during my 9 years at Mann Middle School.  I learned so much more from those colleagues and students than they ever learned from me!