Free Audiobooks and eBooks All Summer Long!

The online community SYNC (a subset of “Audiobook Community,” a social network) has a program targeted at 13+ Young Adults this summer. SYNC is giving away 2 free audiobook downloads a week.  They will pair a popular YA title with a literary classic from July 1 through September 1.  Unfortunately, I missed the first 2 weeks; however, this week’s pairing is a great one:  Bloody Jack  by L.A. Meyer (Read by Katherine Kellgren) and Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson (Read by Alfred Molina). 

  • Watch this SYNC video to learn more:
  • CHAT about these audiobooks here.
  • A SCHEDULE OF AUDIOBOOKS offered this summer available here.
  • Review of Bloody Jack by Audiofile here.

Free is just awesome.  I’m still working my way through the free summer ebook giveaway by Barnes and Noble.  I love their ebook Reader on my smartphone! 

Here are a few other sites where you can get some free ebooks.  I make no claim that the books are school-appropriate or child-safe. I found these through the Smashing Apps blog, which lists more than 15 total resources here.