Adventures In Asian Foods

I’ve gotten very interested in bento boxes as a way to make lunch on work days healthy and fun again. I’m determined to actually stop working, take a short break, and enjoy some nutritious, low-sodium, satisfying, small meals at lunchtime next year.  Years of grabbing Power Bars or Lean Cuisine on the run while remaining at my desk have NOT paid off well. 

So I thought I’d take a trip down to the Asian Pacific Market today.  It’s a wonderful and strange place which I am sure will get a lot of my lunch budget in the next year or so.  They have a little deli but I didn’t have the nerve to go over and order anything today.   While shopping I saw a couple of funny items and I had to share them here, given that I’m a such word geek:

Gelatinous Mutant Coconut!

O. M. G.! 

Wonder what happens when you open the lid?

I found this about the coconut.  Apparently you use it in Filipino desserts, especially one called halo-halo:

“Despite its humorous sound, “Gelatinous Mutant Coconut” really is the best translation for the Filipino word Macapuno. It is the flesh of a coconut whose flower-stalk (but not the whole plant) underwent a spontaneous genetic mutation, resulting in a fruit containing very little water, whose meat is very soft and jelly-like. Most mature coconuts contain firm meat and a clear liquid, but the macapuno mutation disturbs the separation process, resulting in mushy meat.”





 Fish Boss!

I wonder if it’s for the cook to be bossin’ the fish

or the fish to be bossin’ the cook?

Even Google doesn’t seem to know what “Fish Boss” snacks are, so maybe next time I’m there I’ll buy some.