How To Make Your Own Posters

It’s that time of year when teachers are preparing the walls of their classrooms.  I often make my own posters for convenience.  It doesn’t really save money or time—I think I spend more on ink than I would on a poster at the store or at and (both of whom have great sales), but some things are not available to buy and I like to customize size, shape, etc.  It’s not hard to print, trim, and laminate your own with these tools.


Tiled printing, sometimes known as rasterbating, is a feature of many computer programs   that enables them to print images larger than a standard page. The program overlays a grid on the printed image in which each cell (or tile) is the size of a printed page and then prints each tile. A person can then arrange the tiles to reconstruct the full image.


The Rasterbater

Block Posters


Easy Poster Printer


I have three windows to nowhere in my new subterranean classroom and ZERO natural light viewable from anywhere, so I am posterizing these and mounting them inside the window frames to make fake outdoor scenery.  I don’t want to get Seasonal Affective Disorder nor do I want my students to.  (I think I’ll buy a full-spectrum lamp or two as well.) I have edited, trimmed, and resized these to make them fit.


 (I’ll print the redwoods big enough to fit 2 windows)