Always Grateful for The Weekend.

I caught a bad cold so I’m not operating at a very high level of efficiency, but here’s what I’m trying hard to enter into the gradebook and data systems on Saturday and Sunday: 

  • Reading and Writing Benchmark scores
  • AIMS web fluency scores
  • Grades for four different diagnostic and getting-to-know-you activities we did in the past 6 days.

Of course I’m also studying, reading, and planning for/honing next week’s lessons.  I’ve signed up for some lab times in the next few weeks so I can’t wait to get started on Study Island, Tween Tribune and some other fun online activities.

Next week will be a READING week for periods 5 and 7.  It will be a WRITING week for periods 2 and 4. Mastery class will continue working on reading skills and hopefully study our CSAP scores.  We are still on non-fiction, launching Writer’s Workshop, and topic sentences.  I will be starting on sentence types, text structures, and expository writing types.

No, I don’t have a life outside of work right now.  Does any teacher who has just changed positions and started a new year?  My friends give me a hard time about it—but the job simply has to get done and besides, I love my work.  Thank you!