It's That Time Of Year Again Already!

So exciting!  I’m in the midst of getting my new classroom ready.  This is a beautiful building with great people in it from all indications so far. 

I am sad that although this side school has gorgeous views of Pikes Peak and the Front Range, no outdoor light can find its way into my room (I’m on the interior).  I’m making the best of that by putting up some sunny, calming scenery, bringing in plants, and adding 3 full-spectrum lamps.  I have two great rockers from donations and Craig’s List.  I definitely don’t have enough bookcases for my classroom library, but I am hoping for some castoff bookshelves from someone on staff once they all start returning.  (Hardly anyone’s been around except us new transfers.) I have carpet for the first time in 10 years, so that should make my feet much happier when I’m on them all day and my ears much happier when the room is full of 30+ fourteen-year-olds.  I will try to remember to post new pictures of my teaching home once it is finished.

I’m using the board for tracing/enlarging some puzzle pieces for a first-day getting-to-know-you activity. The truth is, I could have done this on any wall.  I can’t wait to get started using that beautiful interactive whiteboard for some actual 21st Century lessons (not merely as a high-tech blackboard).