Welcome Back!

It’s already August 20 and classes begin today!  I look forward to seeing my returning 7th and 8th Graders, plus meeting my new 6th Graders.  As you might expect, we will start by going over procedures, supplies, what to do in different drill scenarios, and getting a baseline typing speed (WPM).  Here’s how:

Go to Internet Explorer to warm up at http://www.typingtest. com/

8th Grade: Take 3 Minute Tests       7th Grade: Take 2 Minute Tests  

                    6th Grade:  1 Minute Tests

Practice at least once and take at least one real test for which you record your score and show it to me.

After you  have completed the typing test, if there is still time left, you  may explore this website.  Notice especially the links on the “My Classroom” page. You may try some of the links and games.

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