Hour of Code Week(s)

Hour of Code is here!  Grade 1-5  will be studying programming for a few weeks in I.T. Specials, not just for one hour.  Here are some words you must learn as we begin the unit:

code - (v) to write code, or to write instructions for a computer. (n) a set of instructions in a computer program in which letters, digits, etc. are represented as binary numbers

debugging - (v) finding and fixing problems in your algorithm or program. 

program - (n) an algorithm that has been coded into a language that can be run by a machine (a binary language, meaning it is based on using only 1 and 0).

algorithm - (n) a set of instructions, procedures, steps, or a formula to solve a problem.

computer science - (noun) the science th at deals with methods of:

  1. processing information in digital computers,
  2. the design of computer hardware or software, and
  3. the applications of computers.

AISA will be celebrating Hour of Code at lots of different times in December and January. Watch for it in your IT and content classrooms.


Agenda 15 can be found at ow.ly/Vwb4L.