A Lot Has Changed!

I am working at a new post in a new school,  in a new country, learning a new language, driving a new car and living in a new townhouse.  I think that tells you where I've been busiest lately.  Oh, and my teaching partner has been on maternity leave ever since I got here, so that adds to the excitement.  It's been a great change and although I miss living in Abu Dhabi, my students at AISA, and being a technology coach, thankfully I can say I am pretty happy in my new digs.  To know more about my teaching this year, see below.   I hope to spend more time at 2020Nexus next semester when I have a little less NEW to process and absorb.

For now I teach Grade 7 English Language Arts again.  It's like visiting a dear old friend and building new friendships at the same time.     My lesson material is presently housed in a Haiku Learning LMS.  My Class Content Can Be Viewed HERE.

Professionally I'm focusing on best practices in teaching reading, writing, listening and speaking. Several colleagues are with me as we investigating more about standards-based grading. This team is not entirely there yet, but we follow the Common Core State Standards and most teachers are using Understanding by Design concepts.  It's wonderful to teach on the block system again and being a participant in a large cross-curricular team which does a  huge semester long project incorporating every subject + outdoor education.  Fascinating!

In my personal life I am taking Spanish classes and hoping to become fluent someday. My  little home has a bit of an indoor gardening again, along with a roof deck and a tiled patio.  Heaven, especially after my last dark little cave with no outside space.   I find I am too reactive here for fostering rescue cats without the necessary allergy shots. This makes me sad so perhaps I will learn the Spanish I need to investigate the allergy specialists here.  While all the other teachers seem to be traveling around my new country (hey, I won't give up world travel, either), my commitment was to take care of some expensive medical/dental work, so that has meant zero in the travel budget since late July.  If you know me at all, you know this makes me stir-crazy!  Yet one of my reasons for being in the Western Hemisphere was that I could see family and friends more often and, if all goes as planned, I will see most of California and Colorado in December. That will be a blessing. 

For now I wish you a happy holiday season for the multitude of celebrations happening in the next 6 weeks around the world!