TECHBYTE: Bitstrips for Schools

It’s been months since I sent out my last TECHBYTE (tiny tech professional development message), because ever since late last May I’ve been concentrating on re-learning to teach 8th Grade English.  I cannot focus as closely on EdTech as I used to when I was a full-time tech teacher, but I still have a passion for it. Therefore, I thought it was high time I sent you all a byte-sized tidbit!  Here you go:


Perhaps you’ve heard of Bitstrips for Schools before.  I have been hearing wonderful things about it on educational sites and podcasts for months so now I’m trying this comics authoring tool for my first time — on a free 14-day trial — in Period 1 Reading as a comprehension + retelling or summarizing main idea/supporting details activity. My kids will take what they learn from reading 3 articles on Conflict Resolution and Anger Management (relating to Second Step Character Ed lessons) and turn that knowledge into a conversation, skit, lecture, or something similar in their comic strip that will convey the information.  If you want to see the articles we are reading, know more about Bitstrips, or see how the project turns out, see me!  No guarantees, but I hope I can make it a learning extravaganza.