In Fond Memory of a Mentor, Leader, and Friend

A corner of our Media Center during the last Book Fair.UPDATE

One of the permanent memorials planned in Scott’s memory is not only renaming our media center in  his honor, but also creating an iPad mini-lab.  He spoke with several of us in the past year about getting iPads in the hands of students.  Someday we hope to have a class set (or more!) but we are starting small with an iPad center in the school library.  Our project is being funded by book fair revenues and private donations.  Please donate at our Donors Choose project page here.




It is with a heavy heart that I announce the suddent accidental death of our principal, Scott Stanec, last Sunday night in Switzerland.  His wife and two teenage children will greatly appreciate your thoughts, prayers, and other forms of support in the coming months.

Scott was the kind of person who honestly wanted the very best for his staff, both personally and professionally.  He allowed us to pursue our dreams and  goals—he even let me go to another school for one year because I wanted to sharpen my skills in the content area classroom—and then when it was time for meto return to the computer lab, he was happy and grateful to have me back rather than  resenting me for choosing to go away.  He encouraged me to pursue my dream of international teaching (someday) as well, rather than trying to persuade me to stay in Colorado forever. 

Scott during his travels with his family in Switzerland.

I have had many principals and assistant principals in my 17-year career as an educator—Scott was one of the best.

Please join me in acknowledging our grief and then

directing our energies now toward


both as learners and as people, since that is what Scott has always wanted for us.