A New Year, A New Semester, and a New Schedule

Spring semester you will find me teaching a new schedule as shown below (changes highlighted).

    1. Electives Team Planning
    2. 6th Grade Digital Tech
    3. 8th Grade Digital Tech
    4. 7th Grade Digital Tech
    5. Lunch with 7th Grade
    6. 8th Grade Digital Tech
    7. Personal Planning Time
    8. 6th Grade Digital Tech

My U.S. History class will be divided up among Mary Reich and Brandon Taylor so that Leslie Rich can give her 6th Grade Tech rotation back to me.  This will allow her to devote herself completely to wearing both hats: Library Technology Educator and Library Technology Technician.

I’ve really enjoyed teaching 8th Grade Social Studies this fall and will miss it; yet I will enjoy being able to focus completely on one subject, one team, and don’t forget: one less set of meetings.

I will continue to serve on the Positive Behavior Support and Response To Intervention Committees.

See you also at Cyberia (Open Lab) on Tuesday after school until 4:45 and Thursday before school at 7:40!